Destination Sardinia

Destination Sardinia

The 100% Feminine and Solidarity Multi-sport Raid

As for Morocco in 2015, the Raid La Saharienne sets the course for an adventure destination without jet lag that reserves its share of scenery, surprises and thrills!

In team of 2, it is an unexpected Sardinia, raw, wild and mountainous, away from the tourist clichés that awaits you.

Always as much physical commitment and surpassing oneself!
The canoe, trail, mountain bike, rappelling, night trail, archery, run & bike and swim & run events will bring you all the sensations and emotions of a true multi-sport raid during this third edition.

From October 6th to October 13th, 2017, come to surpass and try to obtain a financial endowment for the association that you choose to represent.