Charitable Actions

Each year, Ultimate Event Organisation (UEO) supports a women’s cause and donates €1,000 to it at the end of the Saharienne Trek. It also draws six charities at random which also receive a financial donation.

The Saharienne 2017

In 2017, we supported an organisation called “Inform’elles” which combats violence against women. Ultimate Event Organisation donated €1,000 to the charity following the Saharienne Trek 2017.


Supported charities:

€1,000 to “Les Amis de Marius” represented by Chiara Casari and Aurelie Darmaillacq

€1,000 to “Promenade des Anges – 14 Juillet 2016” represented by Mag Triathlon and Peggy Chavardès

€1,000 to “Planet Aventure Organisation” represented by Charlotte Konc and Delphine Wentzo

€1,000 to “Lueur d’espoir pour Ayden” represented by Séverine Vankeisbelck and Nai Mette

€1,000 to “Inform’elles” represented by Caroline Serinet and Stéphanie Grotzinger

€1,000 to “Plant’Actions” represented by Cathy Ferreri and Stephanie Géhénot

€1,000 to “AFSOndine” represented by Isabelle Perrot and Nadine Coat

The Saharienne 2016

In 2016, we supported women in remission from breast cancer with the association “A Chacun son Everest” which helps children with cancer or leukaemia. Ultimate Event Organisation (UEO) donated €1,000 to this charity which since 2011 has also helped women in remission from breast cancer to recover better by climbing “their personal Everest”.

Supported charities:

€1,000 to “Dunes d’Espoir” represented by Maritza Marten and Véronique Bideau

€1,000 to “Planet Aventure” represented by Delphine Wentzo and Marjorie Beurton

€1,000 to “Le Rire Médecin” represented by Juliette Duchemin and Hélène Gigleux

€1,000 to “Orphéopolis” represented by Astrid Stachowicz and Alexandra Berthier

€1,000 to “Keep a Breast” represented by Amélie Paute and Morgane Moinard

€1,000 to “Le Rêve d’Alexia” represented by Priscilla Baumann and Marie-Jeanne Mebold

€1,000 to “La Messine” represented by Marie-Aude Koenig and Fanny Collot

€1,000 to “Odyssea” represented by Agnès Flipot and Myriam Ernoul

The Saharienne 2015

In 2015, we supported the fight against the isolation of women. Ultimate Event Organisation (UEO) donated €3,000 to “K d’Urgences” which helps single mothers who have fallen victim to the economic crisis, and to the association “Femmes, Réalisations et Valeurs”.

Supported charities:

€3,000 to “Les Chevaux du Coeur” (charity that helps sick children) represented by the 5 GK ORIGINALS team comprising Marine Costabadie and Peggy Chavardès.

€3,000 to “Solidarité Femmes Bassin” represented by the team 28 AVEC EUROPA TOUT VA comprising Véronique Bideau Millon and Annick Ballot.

€3,000 to “Dunes d’Espoir” represented by the team 2 GK DUNES comprising Christelle Gauzet and Virginie Sénéjoux.

€3,000 to “’L’association AFSEP” represented by the team 12 LES IMPROBABLES comprising Nadia Del Mas and Anne Verdier.